Operating Systems

This website contain all the free Operating Systems. This website have Operating Systems that don’t compromise on quality and efficiency of the application.
Windows 10:
Windows 10 is the easiest and convenient Operating System one can have on their device. It contains all the modern features one can enjoy like fast boot process, Modern user interface with many improvements, introduced new edge browser, better performance for the battery life.
Windows 8:
Windows 8 is a successor of windows 7.
Windows 8 manly focuses on the improvement in the quality like better user interface, better user experience, touch screen support. Windows 8 hit the market in 2012.
Mac OS 9:
It is launched by Apple. It is mainly for power PC from 1999. It support multiple users and have feature of voice recognition.
Android OS:
It is a dedicated Operating System that is based on Linux kernel and that is mainly for mobile devices. It became the fastest leading Operating System and hits the market in October 2008 with highest revenue.
It is developed by Serenity Systems since the year 2002.
Debian GNU/Linux:
It is introduced by one of the major distributor Linux. It was initiated on August 16th 1993.