Animation is a process of making videos. You can animate any video and create a film by using some tools. This website contain all those tools available for free of cost. Now you can create and design video of your choice by using these tools. Animation is an art of making different objects gather in a single image and creating story from those different images. Big companies use animations to show world different stories from a different perspective. You can simply install animation creation software and good to go.
It is a simple to use software that is mainly for beginners. It supports browsers, you can simply add into browser and use easily. You can upgrade into the paid version if you need some extra features.
It is a 3D animation software use to create and edit videos. It is for people who already have experience in video making. It is a pro level software. It supports multiple OS like Windows, macOS and Linux.
Toontastic 3D:
It is for the people who are very new o video creation it is very simple to use and have a very simple interface, you can say kids can use this software too. You can create brand videos from this software as well. Supported OS are IOS and Android.