This website provides all the best and easy to use desktop tools. Desktop tools can be used for multiple purpose. It depends upon the choice of user that which desktop tool he wants to use. Using desktop tools can increase your productivity by the shortcuts and features it contains. Best of all desktop tools are available for free in this website.
1) Open-Shell:
This application is for the users who wants the layout of previous versions of windows and want functionality of the latest version. Open shell is used to adjust start menu. It is also used to change the entire color of start menu. You can also pin programs and see frequently used applications. It is mainly used to adjust menu to increase the productivity. Supported OS are Windows 7/810.
2) Screenleap:
From this application use can share whole desktop or share few portions of screen with others. This increase the compatibility among users to increase productivity by giving control.
3) Growl:
This is used to show all the notifications at one place, Notifications about what happened to the computer when you were away, after coming back you can see all activities through notifications. Supported OS are Windows 7/8/10.
4) Yawcam:
It is used to handle the Webcam the way you want to you can do live video streaming, take image shots, upload via ftp, build in scheduler, Time and image overlays, and time lapse movies and many more features you can enjoy. Supported OS are Windows 7/8/10.
5) WizMouse:
There are many software that don’t support wheel of your mouse. WizMouse is the best solution for that. Supported OS are Windows 7/8/10.