In this website we can find free versions of Mac OS. Mac OS is stands for Macintosh Operating System.In 1984, Apple Inc. introduced their first Macintosh computer system which was bundled with a newly released operating system. The operating system was formerly known as System software instead of Macintosh Operating System. Mac computers were powered by Motorola 68000 microprocessor. Mac OS is a graphical user interface-based (GUI) operating system specially designed only for Macintosh computers.Mac users gradually increases day by day.
Advantages of Mac Os:
Mac Os is user-friendly and it is suitable for all new computer learners in different stage due to its high reputation on GUI.
Instead of Windows’ complex command-line operating system,users of Mac produce a command with just click GUI and a point .
It is provides more security and privacy as compared to other operating systems.
They will not run on Mac because most of the viruses and adware are Window-based.
With the aid of dual boot utility,it makes Macintosh to switch between Windows and Mac OS .

Disadvantages of Mac Os:
There are also some disadvantages using Mac OS.
Mac users may find a difficulties when most of the programs and software especially games available in Windows are not supported by Mac.
Due to the high prices of Macintosh computer, it becomes the factors that make the computer users not to purchase it.