Andriod is an Operating System that many companies offer in their devices. Andriod products can be Smartphones, Tablets, Smart watches, Smart Tv’s and many more. Andriod applications are specifically designed to fulfill the needs of user, there are multiple application like some are used for education purpose, some are used for medical purpose, some are used for editing pictures, soma are used technical purpose. User can choose and install application in there Andriod device according to their need. Andriod Food applications are available for free in this website.
Blue Apron:
If you don’t want to go for grocery but still want to cook this app is best for you. It have online grocery delivery service as well as list of recipes are available. You can also post recipes if you want. It is totally free of cost.
It consists of a huge range of recipes. You can choose the type of food you want to make like Chinese, Thai, Desi or any other. All type of food recipes are available in this application. You can also add favourite recipes and check them later and you can also create shopping list using this application. It is available for free of cost.
You can order food of your choice using this application. There were times when we used to order food but we don’t had complete information like menus, location of food places. This app provide us with all the information. Best thing is you don’t have to spend money to purchase app because it’s totally free.
This app is mainly for beer lovers, you can add favourite beer, you can add which drink you had last time. You can discover new beers. You can find nearest location to have beer. And this app is available for free.