When we need to download content and browser is not helping us with that we can simply install Download Manager. They can be of different types some runs directly in the browser while some works on the basis of standalone application. Depends upon the user choice we can simply install Download Manager and let that handle and manage things that we want to download from the internet. Download Managers ensure multiple features like resume download if the connection was lost, you can cancel or pause download. You can simply gather all the links from where you want to download files and schedule them to run automatically. Best Download Managers are available on this website for free.
Xtreme Download Manager:
It is the fastest download manager that supports all famous video hosting websites. It contain playlist download support and helps in scheduling downloads.
iDownload Manager:
It is for Windows and is available on Windows store so we don’t need to get any sort of setup. We just need to click on the installation link it can be downloaded on our system. It supports almost all browsers, have a batch and parallel downloading feature. It automatically organize downloaded files. It have a little con that it is not as faster as other download managers are.
It is available for free on this website.